We are unique

We Are Unique

Sustainable and Authentic  – We are committed to using only organic fabrics with natural fibers that are not only eco-friendly but also durable. The majority of our products are made using Silk Organza, Tissue-Chanderi, or Cotton Chanderi. Our primary focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness leads us to create a vibrant yet subtle range of hand embroidered curtains, blinds, and cushion covers. We have strict measures for quality control and authenticity keeping delicacy and finesse intact. This quality assurance allows the artisans to consciously create fine pieces of art. Our work and artisans echo the mantra, “the finer the cloth, the finer the embroidery”

Customization – Due to our love for sustainable drapery, we use only genuine, organic, and natural fabrics to design custom curtains, cushion covers, and blinds, They can take up color dyes readily, enabling us to customize each piece with your choice of color. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new/different colors if you get bored because these fabrics can easily be re-dyed without damaging the natural fabric or embroidery. This trait of these re-dyeable fabrics will allow you to change the look and feel of your space as and when you want, without having to invest in a brand new piece!

Personalization – Raasa gives its customers the choice between different threads and weaves of embroidery for their chosen products. Each type has its unique advantages and we are here to guide you in your journey of choosing the best fit for your beautiful abode!

Artists Behind the Art – Our artisans are the heart and soul of Raasa. Each piece is meticulously created by hand, from start to finish. Using their master craftsmanship, our artisans adorn these organic fabrics with exquisite pearl embellishments and intricate embroideries like zardozi embroidery, silk embroidery, and cotton thread embroidery. Every piece of sustainable curtain, blinds, and cushion cover we have created is ideal to bring the perfect dose of freshness to your beautiful abode.
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