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A journey to threads and weaves.
“Every art has a story of its own.”

At Rassa, our main priority remains to fabricate designs that are not only pleasing aesthetically but also offer the flexibility to use various forms of hand embroidery in a single plane. For our products, we use mainly polyester, cotton, anchor, and silk threads along with various embellishments to give a beautiful touch and appeal. Each type of thread has its own unique property when it comes to different embroidery techniques like silk threads, which have delicate and lustrous textures and take up the color of the dye when the fabric is being redyed while polyester threads do not possess such capability.

The most commonly practiced embroideries at Raasa are chikankari, Aari and Zardosi. We have artisans who master these embroideries. It requires not only hard work but also skill and practice for years. At Raasa, we try our best to help you understand the magic of threads and the usage of fabric according to your liking and needs.

In the search of artisans...

Things were never easy when the thought of Raasa was being converted into reality. Being a resident of Lucknow, chikankari is one of my first thoughts. Our idea to establish Raasa is to make this traditional art reach places where it is not even known. Since the times of Nawabs, this embroidery was restricted to kurtas and other garments only. So we came up with the idea of utilizing chikankari in curtains and blinds, and thus Raasa became the first brand to manufacture Chikankari curtains, cushion covers, and blinds. Our mission is to infuse living spaces with the elegance of Chikankari and other notable Indian artistry. While searching for the artisans, we reached various parts of Lucknow, which includes an old city and surrounding rural areas.

Chikankari is being practiced in many houses in Lucknow by women who not only manage their household duties but also earn by this hand embroidery skill. Mukaish is another art practiced by women in Lucknow, and instead of threads, they use copper flat wires. It is amazing how women have strengthened themselves by not only managing the family but also contributing financially by earning through this artistry. Moreover, in our journey, we found people in the most unexpected places, which motivated us to help them flourish and improve their living by spreading this artform across places and providing these artisans with as much work as possible.

Raasa envisions providing premium quality hand-crafted products to its customers with a promise of genuineness. We ensure that we use a good quality organic fabric to create each product with fine handwork straight from the hands of experts.

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