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Brahmavidya, the Indological community is headed by Mahamahopadhyaya Dr.R.Sathyanarayana, this site features his plans and ideals in the Performing Arts of India.


Please do visit it at your leisure : http://www.brahmavidya.co.in/





https://www.vedavyasamandala.com/galleryVedavyasamandala is a unique website instituted by a devoted stalwarts whose main intention is to protect the Dharma. Veda Vyāsa Maṇḍala is composed by a group of Advaita Vedānta and Śrī Vidyā sādhakas adhering to paramparās proceeding from Ādi Śaṃkarācārya Bhagavatpāda. They are mainly European: some of them have followed specialized studies in Indology becoming Researchers, Readers or Full Professors in that discipline or in other related ones. Indian contributors are authoritative personalities of Dharma. Please visit the site by clicking : https://www.vedavyasamandala.com/gallery

The association, without discrimination of a religious, racial, political and social nature, as well as non-profit, has as its object, with exclusive purposes of social solidarity, the promotion and scientific research of Indian culture. The association will establish all the services deemed necessary or more appropriate for the achievement of its purpose.

Please visit the site on : http://vais.it/#