Legendary Musicologist

Srividya Guru

Mahāmahopādyāya Dr.R.Sathyanārāyaṇa is hailed as the senior most śrīvidyā guru in India and abroad.  His disciples are spread all over the globe and are practicing the discipline in its true form.

He belongs to the Kādimārga in Dakṣiṇāmūrty Parampara in the lineage of Śrīvidyāraṇya of Vijayanagar empire fame. He was initiated into the vidyā by his Guru Śrī Puṇḍarīkākṣānanda nātha who was considered as the very incarnate of Goddess Lalita.  He was given the turīyā gāyatri mantra dīkṣa by his parameṣṭhi guru Śrī Brahmavidyānandanātha who lived up to his 108th year doing the rare ‘Lambikā Yoga Sādhana’.

You are welcome to view his photo gallery to witness some of the rare photographs of his gurus and various extraordinary events that happened during his sādhana days.

We will also upload some rare and useful videos featuring important occasions in a sādhakā’s life, like the Pūrṇābhiṣekha, Caṇḍi, Śrīvidyā samasta devatā yagñya etc.

We have also uploaded some English and Kannada language articles by him for your collection and reading.