Legendary Musicologist


Welcome to the world of Indian Musicology and all cognate śāstras. We bring this website as our mark of respect to the Legendary personality that our century has seen: Mahāmahopādhyāaya Dr.R.Sathyanārāyaṇa.

In many of these pages, we give you useful things to read and download and perhaps hear the great man.

In the Download and links section we shall periodically upload Dr.R.S’s exemplary works. We hope the devoted readers and students of Indian Musicology and śrīvidyā tantra will benefit from them.

Dr.R.S is a great music composer.  Stalwart musicians of Karnāṭaka Music have sung these compositions.  We are uploading many of them here too.  they can be downloaded or just listened to on the site.

Please do contact us for anything you are interested in Dr.R.S, his works, about Indian musicology and Tantra.


Rāsā receiving Doctorate from KSGH

We feature this Photo album of our Guru and Mentor Rāsā receiving the Honorary Doctorate from the prestigious Karnataka State Gangubai Hanagal Music and Performing Arts University (KSGH), Mysore during its recent convocation. 

The revered Vice-Chancellor of the University, Sangita Vidushi Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar can be seen in these photographs. Her dedicated work and brilliance have upheld the University to its present glory and stability.  We, the disciples and admirers of Rāsā thank her for her glorious work and dedication. 

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